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The export price of Indonesian Rubber may rise

affected by adverse weather and other factors, the export price of Indonesian sir20 grade natural rubber may rise to $2500/ton

Indonesia is the second largest natural rubber producer in the world

the chairman of the Indonesian Rubber Association said that the occupation rate of medium and high-end products should be accelerated. In 2009, the rubber output may decline by about 150000 tons due to the extended winter season or dry weather

he also said, "our estimate shows that this year's natural rubber production is expected to decline to 2.6 million tons from 2.75 million tons in 2008."

as it is difficult to obtain data on some small growers in many Indonesian islands, the industry estimates of rubber production are sometimes different from those of the government

note: the source of the reprinted content is indicated. The reprinted 818 extruders were exported in October for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean that we agree with their views or prove that the error of the value is inevitable, so as to realize the authenticity of the content

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