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India has ruled to impose a tax on Chinese radial tires The Ministry of Commerce said on the 7th that the anti dumping Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India had made a final decision on the anti-dumping case of radial tires originating in China and Thailand, and ruled to impose 24 Anti dumping duties ranging from 27%

among them, the tax rate of Qingdao Double Star tire is 34.81%, that of Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber and Hangzhou Chaoyang rubber is 32.74%, that of Fengshen tire is 30.79%, that of shuangqian group is 25.68%, that of triangle tire company is 26.01%, that of Shandong Wanda Baotong tire is 40.73%, that of Shandong Yinbao tire is 35.17%, that of Shandong Jinyu tire is 39.66%, and that of Shandong Hengfeng rubber is 24.97%, In terms of exports, the company maintained a good momentum, with 42.48% of platinum Chengshan (Shandong) tires, 37.21% of Shandong Xingyuan tires, 37.83% of Michelin tires (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. and 88.27% of other enterprises

since the United States implemented "special insurance" on Chinese tires, its demonstration effect has made China's tire industry a disaster area subject to trade remedy investigation. More than 10 countries, including India and Argentina, have launched trade remedy investigations on Chinese tires

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in the root directory of the CD. In addition, it is reported that India has recently ruled to impose anti-dumping duties on China's export of plastic processing machinery products, with a tax rate of%

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