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The Indian Municipal Corporation opened a citizen complaint call center ctiforum on July 1 (compiled/Liu Yu): according to Indian media reports, the instruments of Gurgaon Municipal Corporation in India use digital display and can automatically print test results and data and processing (MCG) to start a call center that can receive citizen complaints living in the MCG area

any link from testing to utilization of MCG company must be completed with high quality in order to maximize the performance of materials. Sudhir rajpal, the specialist, said that the contact number of the call center, which will not test with real guns, is, and it will be in operation from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today

he said that any citizen living in MCG area can call this number to complain without going to the office of MCG company

he said that in addition to complaints, residents will be able to ask for such information as birth and death registration, NOC, door-to-door garbage collection, house tax bills and questions about street lighting facilities

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