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India: telecom operators oppose the auction of 700 MHz frequency band

according to foreign media reports, just as the Indian Telecommunications Authority (trai) is preparing to auction 700 MHz frequency band, various operators have asked the telecom regulator to postpone the auction process until there are enough equipment in the market to provide relevant services. Meanwhile, operators suggest that the government can auction 2100 MHz and 2300/2500 MHz bands, which can be used to provide 3G and 4G services

the 700 MHz band, which is twice as efficient as the 900 MHz band and is most suitable for 4G services, can be auctioned later

reliance jio, led by mush Ambani (mush Ambani correctly installed the electronic universal testing machine before verification), has not yet launched 4G service. It is also suggested that a two-year ecosystem assessment should be conducted before auctioning the radio of this frequency band

reliance ji5. Please place all fixtures and connector accessories properly. In reply to the consultation letter on spectrum pricing in the next round of spectrum auction issued by the telecommunications administration, O said: it is prudent not to conduct 700 MHz band auction at present. It is suggested that a two-year ecosystem assessment should be carried out, and then the corresponding auction plan should be developed

according to the documents of the telecommunications administration, the cost of providing mobile services through the 700 MHz frequency band is only about 30% of the 2100 MHz frequency band

Bharti Airtel, the largest telecom operator in India, also has the same concern, and said: auctioning the 700 MHz spectrum immediately will lead to the idleness of this part of the spectrum for several years and the freezing of a large number of funds in the telecom industry. Therefore, it is best to auction this part of the spectrum after developing a strong equipment ecosystem

Vodafone said that although the ecosystem in this frequency band is being developed, it must still be cautious in terms of auction conditions, including evaluation, reserve price, deployment, etc

telecom operators also have differences on the new spectrum holding restriction rules proposed by regulators

according to the existing rules, the upper limit of the spectrum in a frequency band held by an operator is 50% of the spectrum of each frequency band allocated to their respective service areas and 25% of the total spectrum of all frequency bands allocated to each service area

although reliance jio, rcom and sistema Shyam teleservices agree with the proposal that the Telecommunications Authority regard the 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 900 MHz Jinan gold assay abrasion resistance tester as the most commonly used instrument in the tensile machine series as a whole, so as to apply the upper limit of the spectrum, the major telecom operators Airtel, Vodafone, idea C, according to the company's introduction, ellular, aircraft, Telenor and Tata Telecom all oppose it

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