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The whole house customized furniture is a market trend. With the improvement of the requirements for home decoration, the finished furniture produced in batch cannot meet the needs of individual consumers. The customized furniture of the whole house can be designed separately, which makes full use of the room space, and the style is more personalized, attracting the attention of modern consumers. Of course, the demand for customized furniture for the whole house shows a constantly expanding market prospect. More and more dealers want to be agents of customized furniture for the whole house. Then the problem comes, how can we choose a trusted and profitable brand? How can we choose this brand

in the market, the brands customized for the whole house are uneven, and there are many phenomena of shoddy goods being replaced by good ones. Therefore, dealers must know more when choosing franchise agents. Some dealers choose the right brand and start a smooth furniture business in the market. However, some dealers have repeatedly failed in the furniture industry because they choose an inappropriate brand. Changing the brand of the inspection product

brand again and again is not only a waste of time, but also a loss of financial resources, and even a situation of closing the store and losing money. Obviously, choosing a suitable brand is very important. A suitable brand can quickly occupy the local furniture market, quickly establish brand advantages and achieve rapid profits. As one of the top ten brands in the whole wood customization industry in China, Shu life talked about the precautions for joining the whole house customization

first point: it needs to be accurately positioned

there are many brands of customized furniture in the selection of the whole house. It takes a lot of energy and time to understand each brand clearly. In view of this situation, what we need to do is not to understand every brand. Instead, we should make clear the grade positioning of the products we want to operate. In the brand of customized furniture in the whole house, the product grade can be divided into high-end, middle-end and low-end. The whole house custom furniture agent joins in, accurately positioning its own product grade can narrow the scope of brand inspection. For example, the franchising agent brand is determined according to the consumption level of the city to open a store, the city center or county and other factors. Choosing such a brand to join can give products an advantage in price

second point: a comprehensive understanding of the strength of manufacturers

strength is the foundation of an enterprise for a long time. The strength of a brand is comprehensively reflected in plant area, production equipment, personnel size, brand reputation and so on. To fully understand the strength of manufacturers, we should at least make a comprehensive decision from these aspects, including plant area, production equipment, personnel size, etc., in order to prevent some small workshops from pretending to be powerful manufacturers to recruit franchise agents and make huge profits. The size of the plant area can reflect the strength of a brand. For example, brand tree living wood industry, covers an area of more than 40000 square meters, has multiple production lines, and all the equipment is imported. Its products include wooden doors, wardrobes, wine cabinets, background walls, and other whole wood customized series with strong manufacturing strength. The quality of production equipment can ensure the delivery cycle of products and reduce the error rate of products. Therefore, we must consider the strength of the enterprise when investigating the franchise of the whole house customized furniture agent

third point: look at products

product quality is an important factor in determining marketing! Without good products, it is impossible to do it for a long time. In the era of full house customized furniture, products are bound to become the core weapon for brands and dealers to expand the market. The quality of products can be determined by product technology, product quality, product style and style. From the perspective of consumers, consumers' needs for full house customized furniture lie in environmental protection, quality, price and after-sales, which are integrated to investigate their own brands, Whether the product process of customized furniture industry can keep up with the development of the industry can be seen from the edge banding and backplane process of products. It is difficult for small manufacturers and brands to ensure these details. And it is difficult to guarantee the quality and after-sales, but it has advantages in terms of price

in general, when joining the whole house custom furniture agency, we must consider the brand selection according to our actual situation, accurately locate the brand grade, screen out the brands of relevant grades, and comprehensively understand the strength of the brand, product details and the integrity of the after-sales service system. To judge whether a brand is suitable to join. Tree life wood furniture customization, welcome to inquire




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