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In the profession of doors and windows, the acting franchisees and manufacturers are interdependent. The manufacturers provide policy support, and the acting franchisees of doors and windows become the pacesetters and strongholds for manufacturers to open shopping malls. However, in recent years, with the increase of door and window brands and the increasing competition in shopping malls, many acting franchisees complain about the difficulty of doing business, and some acting franchisees frequently replace brands. Originally, as for the franchisees acting for doors and windows, it is necessary to deal with the following three major questions in order to do less thinking later

door and window franchisees

shopping malls competition 315 has become a hot promotion node

for the acting franchisees of doors and windows, the first thing they want after the festival is the operation of the shopping malls in the new year, and "3.15" naturally becomes the top promotion impact point of this year. In the past two years, whether it is doors and windows or home building materials, the 3.15 promotion is no less than the May Day promotion or the National Day promotion. Stores have also found this bright spot, and their support has been increasing in the past two years

judging from the past 3.15, stores are preparing for the promotion points of 3.15, and the acting franchisees are also beginning to make serious preparations. Moreover, the situation this year is a little special. Under the situation that the rise in raw material prices is difficult to stop, many acting franchisees have reported that the wind of price increases after the March exhibition has become tighter and tighter, and they don't know what the subsequent situation will be, so they all want to do enough promotion activities in advance. Therefore, as for the acting franchisees, whether they can seize this opportunity is of paramount importance. In the first half of the year, there were not many popular sales. It was rare that 3.15 became a popular shopping mall. Both the public resources inside the mall and the publicity resources outside the mall needed to compete. Of course, this is also related to brand strength and the contribution of activities. Some acting franchisees think so

brand trends are frequent, and the acting franchisees of doors and windows need to pay close attention to

the acting franchisees of doors and windows attach the most importance to two things, the first thing is sales, and the second thing is brand. Regardless of the intention to replace the brand, it still plans to continue to operate. As for the domestic door and window agent franchisees, the exhibition in the first half of this year is enough to attract attention. As for the acting franchisees of doors and windows who intend to replace the brand, if they can determine the collaborative brand during the exhibition in March, as long as everything goes well, they can successfully catch up with the 5.1 Festival Promotion. Therefore, if you want to replace brands, you usually have to get busy from the holiday to the exhibition

however, during this period, the manufacturer's existing agent franchisee system or the primary intended agent franchisee will successively obtain relevant information. From the situation of the visit, some acting franchisees who are interested in acting as new brands have clear brand intentions, and some have even investigated factories and visited samples, waiting for the final cooperation during the exhibition. Even for those acting franchisees of doors and windows who have no intention of replacing brands, the March exhibition is also worthy of attention. We should pay attention to the trend and personality of this year, which manufacturers have launched similar competition brands, whether these brands have agents in their own cities where they operate brands, whether they will enter local stores, etc

pay attention to the situation of the store and deal with the connection with the store.

usually, the room price contract between the door and window agent franchisee and the store was negotiated years ago. However, despite dealing with the "big head" of housing money, the acting franchisees of doors and windows still have time to "stare" at the situation of the store after the new year. From the actual feedback, it was not just after the festival. In the normal operation of the acting franchisees, the status of the stores needs time to pay attention

for example, many powerful acting franchisees of Guanhao doors and windows usually usher in a round of personnel adjustment at the end of each year, from store managers to planning managers, there is the possibility of mobilization. In the view of acting franchisees, each round of adjustment means the change of resources

there are still many tasks that franchisees of door and window agents need to pay attention to, mainly focusing on shopping malls, stores and brands. As long as the acting franchisees are well prepared, they can go smoothly in the fierce market competition




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