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Rheinland egger has always served in the spirit of true love; We always pursue the perfect service attitude and bring the same warmth to consumers' homes

what are the brand advantages of Rheinland egger? Let's have a look:

first, Rheinland egger's true character

Rheinland egger has always served with true love; We always pursue the perfect service attitude and bring the same warmth to consumers' homes. Genuine materials; We strictly control the quality, carefully select each piece of material, and resolutely prevent defective products from entering the market. Authentic design; The humanized design concept, combined with reality, also perfectly conforms to the preferences of consumers and makes the home better. Careful manufacturing; Our brand adopts German technology. From slotting, drilling to edge banding, we use high-precision machinery to eliminate the phenomenon of deformation and cracking, so as to ensure the product quality to the greatest extent, so that every product is a work of art

second, personalized customization, highlighting artistic taste

Rheinland egger wardrobe adopts personalized customization, plans the location and layout of the wardrobe according to the user's personalized needs, combined with the user's bedroom style and area, and selects the appropriate style to match the bedroom style. And draw on the artistic elements of fashion trends, and give full play to the "customization" of personality

third, environmental protection customization, highlighting the concept of environmental protection and healthy life

"green, healthy and environmental protection" has become the theme of the development of the world today, and the producers of customized wardrobe enterprises assume the major responsibility of protecting the environment. Our Rheinland egger custom wardrobe has a quite formal and strict production and testing process. It adopts a healthy and environmentally friendly production process and uses green and environmentally friendly wood materials to protect the health of every customer

fourth, function customization to meet all-round personalized needs

function customization to meet all-round consumer needs. According to different user groups, design women's wardrobe, men's wardrobe, elderly wardrobe, children's wardrobe, etc. the main focus is due to the comprehensive factors of the applicable object's habits, personality, preferences and so on. According to personal habits, reasonably layout the wardrobe space and optimize the functional areas, such as hanging area, stacking area, storage area, etc., to facilitate personalized experience functions

fifth, the brand has a wide range of influence

with the continuous development of the customized furniture industry, in order to better serve local agents, Rheinland egger has always paid great attention to brand publicity and promotion. Besides Baidu, 360 and other network promotion, it has also cooperated with major media network portals, and the number of highway anti-aircraft cannons cannot be less

sixth, the strength of the cooperation alliance is great

Rheinland egger, Zhizhen dedicated customized wardrobe products, selected heitish hardware, Bailong hardware, Daya board and other international first-class partners to form an alliance, and work together with Wanhua Hexiang board to provide a healthy quality home environment for taste awareness. Ensure that the plates used meet the national E1 level environmental protection standards. Genuine materials, true love of service, serious manufacturing and authentic design are the brand soul of Rheinland egger's "most genuine character"

seventh, pre-sales and after-sales services come home

Rheinland egger has always had free on-site measurement, free design, free installation and other services. At the same time, our wardrobe is guaranteed for five years, the hardware is guaranteed for ten years, the pulley is guaranteed for life, and the whole cabinet is maintained for life. The problem is guaranteed to be solved within 72 hours of a phone call. Choosing Rheinland egger is to choose a safe wardrobe

buying a product is not only about buying the product itself, but also a large part of the service behind the post purchase product. Quality and service are inseparable. Rheinland egger's strong service assurance system is a team that protects quality. Rheinland egger's national free service 400 calls are fast and enjoy high-quality services

Rheinland egger wardrobe dealers have been stationed in many regions in the southwest to provide our customers with panel furniture. If you like, please go to our official website to check the address





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