The hottest Yuchai released two high-end national

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Yuchai released two high-end national five light gas engines

Yuchai released two high-end national five light gas engines

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Dunan heavy industry: a touch of red in the cold winter of the construction machinery industry in November, cotton fabric made the skin surface temperature 3.6 730 higher than the new cooling fabric; On F3, during the exhibition of the 14th China International internal combustion engine and parts exhibition, Yuchai Co., Ltd. held a new product press conference and timely launched yc4fan and yc4egn two new national five light gas engines according to market needs

Yuchai released two high-end national five light gas engines

kongweifeng, assistant general manager of Beijing public transport group bafangda company, tianzhonggang, director of Technology Department of Tianjin public transport company, tanguirong, vice president of Yuchai shares, and zhouchuanwu, vice general manager of Yuchai shares sales company jointly unveiled the new products

yc4fan released this time is Yuchai's use of advanced technology synchronized with the world, and is designed for meters of highway buses, bus buses, and 4 × 2 natural gas engines developed for light trucks, urban sanitation and other special vehicles. Its main parts and components are common to yc4fa diesel engine. The compression ratio of gas in the combustion chamber can reach 12:1, ensuring strong power output. It has obvious advantages over competitive products. In addition, it also has the functions of closed-loop control, self-learning and diagnosis under all working conditions, so that Yuchai gas engine can always stand at the forefront of the market and adapt to the gas. The machine has a power range of 90 to 115 horsepower and a displacement of 2.982l. There are three models with different power segments: yc4fa90n-50, yc4fa100n-50 and yc4fa115n-50

yc4egn series power coverage HP, displacement 4.73l, specially designed for 7 M rear passenger car and 7 The natural gas engine developed by the 5m front passenger car and the medium-sized truck serving urban logistics has the advantages of strong power, durable leather and convenient maintenance. At the same time, the nozzle metering method is adopted to realize lean combustion, high thermal efficiency and low gas consumption. There are yc4eg140n-50, yc4eg160n-50 and yc4eg170n-50 models with different power segments

it is reported that yc4fan and yc4egn are both excellent light-duty diesel engines. In many fuel saving competitions held in the industry, vehicles equipped with these two engines have achieved very excellent results, and have also been recognized by users

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