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Yuchai yc6mk engine wins the hearts of users with quality and service

Yuchai yc6mk engine wins the hearts of users with quality and service

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Guide: engines are the core components of commercial vehicles that meet the emission standards, and users will eliminate and update some commercial vehicles every year. As the time for diesel vehicles to implement the national four emission standards is approaching, what choices will they make? According to the interview, many users have turned to yc6mk engine. Users

engines are the core components of commercial vehicles that meet the emission standards. Every year, users will eliminate and update some commercial vehicles. As the time for diesel vehicles to implement the national four emission standards is approaching, what choices will they make? According to the interview, many users have turned to yc6mk engine

users have turned to Yuchai yc6mk

in the face of the reality that the fourth national emission standard is about to be implemented and the vehicle emissions are more stringent, many users have made corresponding plans when eliminating and updating vehicles, and many enterprises have turned to yc6mk engine

Lin guangheng, general manager of Zhanjiang Henglian Automobile Trade Co., Ltd., said that Zhanjiang automobile transportation group is mainly engaged in long-distance passenger transport, and most of the lines in Guangdong Province. In order to improve market competitiveness, they will eliminate and replace vehicles every year. As the implementation date of National IV is approaching, Zhanjiang automobile transportation group has made early plans. All new cars replaced this year will use yc6mk engines. Yc6mk engine has not been on the market for a long time, but in just a few months, Zhanjiang automobile transportation group has adopted dozens of engines, which is enough to show that this engine has won public praise in terms of emission compliance and reliability. Now, not only Zhanjiang automobile transportation group adopts yc6mk engine, but also many passenger transport enterprises have turned to yc6mk engine with the successful application of the enterprise. Experimental data and curves are automatically saved

for the phenomenon mentioned by Lin guangheng, he asked Director Tang of Guangdong Office of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. for confirmation. He said: "not only Zhanjiang users have turned to yc6mk engines, but also Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhuhai and other places."

director Luo of Yuchai Guangxi Office also mentioned that users have switched to yc6mk engines. He mentioned that Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. and all long-distance passenger transport companies in Guangxi have switched to yc6mk engines. From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, yc6mk engines accounted for a large proportion of the demand orders submitted by these users

it is understood that since its launch, yc6mk engine has been supporting more than 100 major OEMs in China, and has quickly gained a foothold in the field of heavy commercial vehicles

yc6mk engine is more adaptable

the biggest difference between commercial vehicle users and private car consumers is that they are familiar with the vehicle. Whether they are enterprise users or individual buyers, they know what kind of car they should choose and what kind of engine they should use. This is the inevitable result of rational consumption behavior, especially the upcoming implementation of the fourth national emission standard, which makes the consumption behavior of commercial vehicle users more rational

on the way to Zhanjiang, director Tang of Yuchai Guangdong Office pointed to the big passengers running on the expressway and said, "these big passengers are from Zhanjiang automobile transportation group. They use yc6mk engine. Yc6mk engine has a high speed. When driving on the expressway, it can save about 1 liter of diesel per 100 kilometers and bring real economic benefits to users."

it is noted that many large passenger cars use yc6mk engines. Why do Dongfeng Liuqi produce heavy trucks also use yc6mk engines

director Luo of Yuchai Guangxi Office told: "yc6mk engine has sufficient power reserve, which is very suitable for heavy trucks. Uphill and downhill are often encountered during driving. Such road conditions have higher requirements for engine power reserve. DPM has also developed a new type of heat conducting polymer in Zytel series."

I have seen some vehicles struggling to climb the slope on the way. I am very worried about the lack of follow-up power and the inability of the vehicles to climb up. If they fail to climb up, they are likely to slip back, which is very dangerous

"the reason for the climbing difficulty is that the engine power reserve is insufficient." Director Luo said, "yc6mk engine has sufficient power reserve. You can drive in third gear when encountering steep slopes. If you don't have sufficient power reserve, you can't do this at all."

"because the yc6mk engine has a high speed, it can save fuel when driving on expressways and has sufficient power reserves when driving on mountain roads, many enterprises have called for the purchase of vehicles equipped with yc6mk engine." Director Tang said

yc6mk engine has strong adaptability not only to road, but also to oil

Guangdong Province is an area where China's reform and opening-up was relatively early. Imported vehicles occupy a large market share, especially in the field of commercial vehicles. Many users like to buy Japanese heavy-duty vehicles. After years of use, many users have turned to vehicles equipped with yc6mk engines in recent years

Director Tang said: "Japanese engines have high requirements for the quality of oil products. Now the sulfur content of domestic oil products is relatively high. After using Japanese cars, there will be two problems. One is that fuel injection will occur after a long time of use. Here, you will not only be provided with high-quality experimental equipment, but also the nozzle is blocked, which makes it difficult to start the vehicle. The other is that the combustion is insufficient, resulting in insufficient power. The most intuitive manifestation of this phenomenon is that the vehicle emits black smoke, which not only causes serious air pollution And fuel costs have increased significantly. "

director Luo said: "in order to make up for the shortage of refined oil, some regions in Guangxi import diesel oil from Vietnam and other places. The oil products in these places are different from those in China. Yc6mk engine can adapt to these oil products."

in the face of the upcoming fourth national emission standard, whether the existing oil used by vehicles can meet the standard is one of the main issues they consider

director Luo said, "yc6mk is a heavy-duty engine, which is designed with an integral cylinder head. This design increases the engine cooling performance, reduces vibration and effectively reduces noise. In terms of emissions, the use of" Bosch common rail +scr "can fully meet the national four emission standards."

"we don't count. Users trust their own tests." Director Luo then said, "In order to verify whether the emission of yc6mk engine is up to the standard and how economical and reliable it is, the user once organized a competitive product comparison test. The results show that yc6mk engine stands out in the test. The use results of passenger transport companies show that yc6mk engine saves 1 liter of fuel per 100 kilometers compared with other engines. Don't underestimate the fuel saving of 1 liter, which is only a few yuan. Calculate the number of vehicles in passenger transport companies, and then calculate the daily mileage, which adds up to a total of 1 liter per day The saved freight is very considerable. "

Director Tang said: "from the use of freight enterprises, yc6mk engine can save about 2 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers for users."

service is also the main attraction

many heavy-duty vehicle users have been interviewed. Many people say that Yuchai's service is good. Why do so many people think Yuchai's service is good? "Hearing is believing, seeing is believing." I had the honor to experience the after-sales service process of Yuchai

users buy commercial vehicles, which are generally used for production and business activities. If the machine stops working or the vehicle stops driving, the economic losses will be huge. At this time, almost all users are very worried. They immediately call the after-sales service and put it down. They are eager to see the after-sales service personnel immediately. In this case, I believe that other people have also encountered or had similar experiences

not long ago, Liu we from a transportation enterprise in Dongguan warmly invited experts, scholars and enterprise colleagues from home and abroad in the field of green composite science and engineering utilization to attend the "International Seminar on green composite materials". After we put it down, we hoped that after-sales service personnel would appear immediately to help solve the problem. After taking a few steps in the room, he pressed for questions again. Several times, the service staff of Yuchai call center patiently recorded and answered his questions

Yuchai Co., Ltd. has formulated strict service rules and regulations, and promised to "provide out service, complete the dispatch work within 1 hour after the customer reports for repair, and timely feed back the arrangement to the customer; provide in place service within 3 hours in the city, 6 hours within 200 kilometers, and 12 hours outside 200 kilometers (except in remote areas)". Timely and effective service is one of the reasons why Yuchai Co., Ltd. has won praise from users

after receiving the service request, director Tang immediately took the staff to the user's enterprise. Within two hours, they arrived at the user's enterprise. Liu is always quick witted. Two hours is too long. After the meeting, President Liu said, "why is it so long?" Afterwards, President Liu complained a lot. Director Tang didn't make any excuses. He kept listening to the other party. When the other party finished, director Tang said, "don't worry, Mr. Liu. Let's check the engine first to see what the problem is." At this time, Mr. Liu seemed to realize that he was in a hurry and his words were a little impulsive. He immediately took them to check the faulty vehicle

after inspection, director Tang found that the engine of the car was overloaded for a long time and did not be repaired and maintained in time, resulting in carbon deposition in the engine and poor oil delivery from the fuel injection nozzle. After cleaning, the problem was solved

seeing that director Tang solved the problem quickly, President Liu said sheepishly, "brother, I was too worried just now. Don't be surprised. If I can't repair it today, I have to rent another car to transport these goods. This list will not make money, but I will also lose money."

before leaving, director Tang said to his staff member Xiao Wang, "President Liu has cars here. You should take the initiative to call more in the future." On the way back, director Tang said, "President Liu has a large transportation volume here, and may be careless in vehicle maintenance. Therefore, we should take the initiative to ask."

during the whole service process, Mr. Liu was impressed by the change in his attitude. At first, Mr. Liu didn't even talk to Director Tang. Later, he called him "director Tang". Finally, he called Director Tang "brother"

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