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Craftsman of fine materials: the "fashion" road of the top ten brands of plates must be taken.

If plates want to break into the camp of young people, the "fashion" road must be taken. Because the young post-80s and 90s generation has gradually become the main consumer in the market, their sense of fashion is more demanding. It is a wise move to formulate line policies for specific groups of people. Fashion and fashion are inseparable forever, and fashion and youthful vitality are also closely dependent. So how should the fashion road of sheet metal enterprises go? China's top ten plate brands, fine craftsman brands, believe that: first, product innovation, and second, the expansion of display channels

I. product innovation

do a good job of market research: innovation awareness is the basis of product fashion. In appearance, fashion elements are integrated to make it more distinctive, win with high quality, and make it easier for young people to see the effect intuitively. To win young consumers, we must innovate products and enrich the variety of products. The panel conforms to the character of young people, which is the embodiment of the panel's youth

second, expand the display channels

traditional plate display is only limited to plate distribution stores or plate markets. Now is the era of Internet +. Sheet metal enterprises should use advanced Internet technology to show their advantages in real time and quickly. Only by breaking through the limitations of traditional products and integrating modern elements, can plate enterprises shape the market competitiveness of products

the top ten brands of China's board, fine craftsman brands, look at the future market in this way: the trend of younger boards and fashionable boards is irresistible. Whether enterprises make efforts or not, the characteristics of the times are there. Keeping up with the pace of the times, conforming to the development characteristics of the times, and doing a good job in their own product quality are the fundamental for the development of sheet metal enterprises

Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of the "craftsman of fine wood" brand decorative board field. In the industry, it gives priority to the introduction of ultra environmental protection products of "special board for children's room". Adhering to the professional and dedicated business philosophy, it continuously integrates the European and American fashion home trends into the Chinese market, and is one of the international brands in the development of decorative board in China. Positioned to be one of the "top ten decorative panels", the company has launched dozens of new products representing the new trends and trends of the industry every year through continuous technological research, development and innovation. With unique elegance and artistic charm, the company has not only created a comfortable and satisfactory home environment for consumers, but also become the wind vane of the industry

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