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"If you don't sign a contract in May, you will feel sad in June" has become a popular trend in Wuhan's home decoration industry. Every year, from January 1 to May 1, decoration companies will launch various preferential activities to make profits

Mr. Zhang, who just got the new house, said that he participated in a decoration company activity a few days ago and felt that the discount was very large. He had a good chat with the designer and paid the deposit. He planned to enter the site for decoration in June. But when he chatted with his friends, he learned that the decoration in summer is easily affected by the weather, and it is best to postpone the construction period to September. Facing the tips of his friends and the new house that is ready to start, Mr. Zhang hesitated and called the editor of Wuhan home decoration network to inquire whether it is the decoration now? Or in autumn

there is a great deal of promotional incentives for signing contracts in may

because the "May Day" golden week is no longer a 7-day holiday, businesses in the home furnishing industry have no longer put promotional activities in May at the beginning of the month. Moreover, this year, the home furnishing industry has been affected by real estate regulation, and companies have to extend the preferential period in order to better seize market share. Some companies with no obvious promotional effect of "May Day" will even offer more attractive preferential activities. For example, face-to-face decoration presents decoration funds, 20% discount on main materials, 10% cash back activities, and presents iPad, LV and other trendy products, which can be described as diverse, giving consumers more choices

in addition, if you sign a decoration company in May, you can also firmly grasp the decoration node. When you want to decorate, your favorite decoration company is full of customers, and you can't catch up with it by yourself, so you can only delay the construction period, because if you sign a company in may, you can choose to start in June and end the home decoration before the dog days come; You can also choose to start from September and avoid the hot period in July and August. The opportunity to choose multiple decoration nodes allows you to find the most desired decoration schedule

there is no need to worry about poor technology when signing a contract in May.

according to the survey, the main reason why some consumers do not choose summer decoration is that they are afraid of decoration pollution, material deformation, etc. To this end, the reporter consulted professionals, who said that consumers' concerns about summer decoration are unnecessary. In fact, due to the improvement of materials and construction technology in recent years, climate change will not have much impact on construction. At present, large decoration companies have achieved factory decoration, and there are fewer and fewer projects requiring on-site woodwork construction. Traditionally, the division of light and peak seasons of decoration caused by seasonal changes is not as obvious as before

if the number of owners who choose to decorate in a certain period of time determines whether it is the off-season of decoration, it can be said that choosing to decorate in the off-season can enjoy more attention and services. During this period, the quantities of home decoration companies were small, and the impact of high temperature and humid weather on the decoration was avoided. Instead, each decoration company would send more experienced construction personnel to carry out on-site operations, and designers would also invest more energy to provide customers with design and purchase materials. Therefore, choosing may decoration can not only get benefits, but also master the decoration node by yourself. Choosing summer decoration to avoid the peak season can get more considerate services, or choosing August and September peak season decoration to catch up with the good weather, it is all for the convenience of readers, and it is not a pity to miss this signing node in May




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