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From July 8 to 11, 2018, the 20th China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) is about to open. This time, Hennessy will take "window of the world ・ strength responsibility" as the theme

from July 8 to 11, 2018, the 20th China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) is about to open. With the theme of "window of the world ・ strength responsibility", Hennessy will appear at the Expo with an excellent attitude of marching towards the world and achieving the responsibility of domestic products, presenting products, brands and enterprise strength in multiple directions. On July 8, Hennessy sincerely invited people from all walks of life to come and let us go to the 2018 Guangzhou Construction Expo

after nearly 15 years of development and precipitation, Hennessy doors and windows are still ready to make every appearance amazing and eye-catching. This exhibition shows the unique details and highlights of Hennessy's high-grade life from exhibition hall image, space planning, scene experience to product display and accessories. The exhibition hall with an area of more than 500 square meters carries a simplified aesthetic design, combined with the humanized display layout and the improvement of the living experience in the exhibition area, negotiation area, rest area, etc., so as to show the style of Hennessy's leader and bring a wonderful experience of vision and soul to the visitors. Hennessy's brand-new product system is listed. Its fashionable and unique appearance design, simple and atmospheric cross-border performance, and reputation free configuration are definitely a unique and charming feast for system doors and windows

to implement the strategic goal of international brands, Hennessy doors and windows integrates the spirit of ingenuity and intelligent manufacturing, constantly absorbs foreign advanced technology, and creates truly differentiated products for consumers, so as to reflect more advantages in the mute performance, sealing performance, profile structure, energy emission reduction, ergonomics and other aspects of doors and windows, and move towards the direction of "global environmental protection doors and windows". Over the years, made in China spits out the old and accepts the new It is working in an all-round way, and global consumers are increasingly feeling its charm. In this Guangzhou Construction Expo, Hennessy, as the representative of domestic ingenuity in the customized door and window industry, will continue to promote people's exquisite lifestyle, bring the ultimate pursuit of products into the exhibition, and use ingenuity to create the quality of "made in China"

Hennessy doors and windows has been deeply engaged in the industry for 15 years, and has a good market reputation and strong economic strength: the total production area of the four major bases in China is 300000 + square meters, more than 1200 franchised stores, and the successful acquisition of Australian solidi doors and windows in 2016, which shows the brand strength and unparalleled competitiveness of Hennessy doors and windows in the industry. 2018 is a particularly important year for Hennessy doors and windows in the strategic layout of the next five years. Increasing brand exposure, strengthening brand promotion, and deepening the strategic deployment of "going global" are the focus of the annual work. With a forward-looking international vision, Hennessy doors and windows signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the famous Dubai real estate group Danube, officially becoming the designated system door and window cooperation brand of the world's top 500 enterprises, darubi group, and determining Hennessy's position in the international market and the world's core value

Hennessy continues to make steady changes, expand domestic terminal marketing channels, reach strategic partnership with domestic well-known building materials home circulation brands such as red star Macalline and incredibly home, and combine the implementation of the terminal strategy of "brand service in the first year", comprehensively upgrade from terminal training, advertising support, capacity expansion, logistics network optimization, etc., stand at the commanding height of the industry with a more stable attitude, and provide rich channel resources for dealers, Promote the construction and development of Hennessy doors and windows brand in the national market, further expand the influence of Hennessy doors and windows brand, open up a new direction of rapid progress, and promote the development goal of Hennessy doors and windows "faster, higher, stronger"

Hennessy has always paid close attention to the exhibition and devoted itself to the exhibition work. We must make the world feel the brand strength and sincerity of Hennessy doors and windows, set an example, and speak for the Chinese ingenuity brand. From July 8 to 11, Hennessy doors and windows met with you at hall 14 and hall 2-10, Zone C, Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, looking forward to writing a new chapter of wealth with you at China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)





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