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When it comes to the use of glass, the most extensive field is the construction of glass, and the most closely connected is doors and windows. With people's attention to the quality of life and personalized attitude towards life, doors and windows have not only simply sheltered from the wind and rain, ventilation and lighting, people began to seek fashion, function, color, culture and other aspects. With the promotion of green construction in China, the norms of energy conservation and environmental protection have also been upgraded. All kinds of changes have put forward new development requirements for door and window enterprises, and together, they have also promoted the reform and innovation of glass enterprises

what kind of door and window products do consumer malls need

"green construction has become the main theme of future construction, and the materials for building green construction must be green, energy-saving, environmental protection and low-carbon." Ma Junqing, chairman of Beijing milanzhichuang energy saving building materials Co., Ltd., said: "in the future, consumer malls will be the country's energy-saving doors and windows."

walking into the window of Milan office and production base located in Changping, Beijing, the reporter found that solid wood doors and windows were used in the whole office area, revealing a fashionable smell in its antiquity. "Window of Milan, as the industrialization base of wood structure doors and windows technology in China, is an enterprise specializing in building high-function and energy-saving solid wood doors and windows. Unlike some enterprises, the doors and windows selected in our offices and workshops are products produced by window of Milan itself. Although there is a lot of investment in the early stage, in the long run, its good air tightness and thermal insulation make it more energy-saving, and its investment is also more economical than that of general doors and windows. Together, It also depicts our own brand to a certain extent. According to Xu Dadu, wooden doors and windows are the most energy-saving products in the existing products and are the most needed in consumer malls in the future. " Ma Junqing said

the so-called green construction should first have three conditions: first, the data itself is green and energy-saving; Second, the construction is energy-saving in the process of application; Third, after reaching the service life in the future, the data can be recycled. This requires that the energy-saving doors and windows, as the primary outer enclosure of the construction, should also be the same. Ma Junqing said: looking at the door and window shopping malls, the current mainstream products are divided into plastic doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows and wooden doors and windows. The primary raw materials of plastic doors and windows are PVC, stabilizer and other chemical materials. PVC is a by-product of petroleum, and there will be certain energy consumption in the production process. Together, it is a limited resource-based product; The primary raw material used for aluminum alloy doors and windows is electrolytic aluminum, which is a product with high pollution and high energy consumption in the manufacturing process. Therefore, from the perspective of these three kinds of door and window data, wood is the greenest and sustainable data. Wood absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide and releases a lot of oxygen in the process of growth, and does not need the consumption of power. It is also only renewable data; From the perspective of application process, wooden doors and windows have natural thermal insulation function, and together they are also the most energy-saving

when it comes to wooden doors and windows, there are always three misunderstandings: first, wood doors and windows should cut down trees and damage the environment; Second, wooden doors and windows are luxurious and expensive; III. poor fire prevention function

"Trees have cycles. The growth cycle of trees used to make doors and windows is decades, and this problem should be considered with the concept of forest economy. For example, the Russian Far East adjacent to China has 20.7 billion cubic meters of wood reserves, most of which are mature forests and over mature forests. If not harvested on time, they will rot in the forest and often cause deep forest fires. From this point of view, we should consider how to make rational use of wood; secondly, China's wood It is unreasonable that the price of doors and windows is much higher than that of plastic doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows. In Europe, the price of plastic doors and windows is only about 30% lower than that of wooden doors and windows; Aluminum alloy doors and windows need to pay a high cost value to reach the same high energy-saving standard, and the price is often higher than that of wooden doors and windows. The energy-saving goal of plastic doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows now used in China is far lower than that of wooden doors and windows, so the price is not comparable. " Ma Junqing explained, "the test shows that the fire prevention function of wooden doors and windows is the best, and there is still no scattering after burning for 20 to 30 minutes."

what kind of glass do wooden doors and windows need

at present, China's construction energy consumption accounts for 46.7% of the total social energy consumption, during which the energy lost through doors and windows accounts for nearly half of the construction energy consumption. This is closely related to the low popularity of energy-saving doors and windows in China. Relevant data show that in Europe, the share of advanced energy-saving doors and windows has reached 67% of the total number of doors and windows, and the remaining 33% of the manufacturing specifications of general energy-saving doors and windows are about 15 years earlier than those in Beijing. In China, energy-saving doors and windows account for only 0.5% of the total number of doors and windows. As we all know, doors and windows are composed of window frames and glass. Then, what is the demand of energy-saving wood doors and windows for glass

"the primary objective of the evaluation of energy-saving doors and windows is the thermal insulation function, which involves the window heat transfer coefficient - K value. The lower the value, the better the function. According to the current EU norms, K value is generally between 0.8 and 1.3.

Beijing's new norms this year are between 2.0 and 1.5." Ma Junqing said, "the progress of k-value specification means the progress of requirements for window frames and glasses. Compared with plastic and aluminum alloy, the heat transfer coefficient of wood window frames is the lowest, so in order to reduce the k-value of all doors and windows, it is necessary to equip products with the same low heat transfer coefficient, such as insulating glass and low radiation glass."

taking the window of Milan as an example, through the introduction of advanced doors and windows, structural plank houses and wooden door systems from Germany, northern Europe and Italy, twelve series of products have been formed, including pure solid wood doors and windows, aluminum clad wood doors and windows, aluminum wood composite doors and windows, and wood structure curtain walls. Different products have different needs for glass for different audience groups. "At present, aluminum clad wooden windows have a higher purchase rate in mass shopping malls. The glass of this kind of wooden windows is the starting product of energy-saving windows - hollow glass with a layer of Low-E membrane and three layers of two hollow glass. For high-end buildings such as boutique residential buildings and villas, the K value of glass is higher, and the double silver Low-E glass with three glasses and two hollow will have more shopping malls. In the future, with the progress of energy-saving requirements of different buildings, the function of glass in doors and windows will be improved Requirements will also improve. " Ma Junqing said

due to different regional environment, the demand for glass and windows must be different. For example, the South pays more attention to sunshade, while the North prefers heat preservation. "In the future, door and window enterprises should not only develop and produce doors and windows themselves, but also need to carry out the integration of building door and window systems. Different door and window systems meet the needs of different shopping malls." Ma Junqing said, "this development trend requires enterprises to improve their skills and talents, pay attention to the training of planning talents, and improve the early service level, so that the planning and construction of doors and windows can be more widely communicated."

together, when promoting wooden doors and windows, we should also learn more from other countries. For example, most developed countries in Europe and the United States have encouraged and promoted the use of energy-saving doors and windows in people's families through reward policies. Therefore, their use of energy-saving doors and windows has reached normalization. Taking high-function energy-saving wooden doors and windows as an example, the market share in Europe and the United States and other developed countries is about 30%, while China's figure is only 0.3%. This also makes us see the huge development opportunities during this period. As the primary supporting product of doors and windows, energy-saving glass will also shine with the development of wooden doors and windows




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