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After buying a new house, the biggest problem we face is house decoration. In the face of the complex home decoration market, we must pay attention to home decoration. When decorating, do we choose full package or half package? These problems often confuse the owners. What does it mean to decorate half a bag? What does it mean to decorate all inclusive? Let's briefly introduce the meaning of decoration half package first

· What does decoration half package mean?

half package refers to a way between cleaning and full package. The construction party is responsible for the construction and the procurement of auxiliary materials. The main materials are purchased by the owner, such as floors, sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, coatings, kitchenware, locks, hardware, etc., and other auxiliary materials are arranged by the construction team, such as sand, nails, cement, etc. It is currently a relatively large number of decoration methods

1. Whether the project is subcontracted: if one layer is subcontracted, the profit will be reduced by one layer, so there will be more subcontracts. The last level of construction parties have no profit according to the specifications, but they also want to survive. At this time, they will damage the interests of the owner and obtain their own interests. Some decoration companies even don't have their own construction teams at all, and they subcontract the project after receiving it. Sometimes it costs a lot of money, but it's “ Road guerrillas ”. Therefore, the decoration company that subcontracts the project must not be selected. The owner can indicate that the project cannot be subcontracted when signing, otherwise the decoration company will bear the corresponding legal responsibility. In the actual construction, the owner can consciously ask the workers when their wages are paid and who will pay them? If it is not from the company but from the foreman, there is a great possibility of subcontracting

2. Design fee: many decoration companies claim to design for free. It is suggested that such decoration companies should be carefully selected. Design is also a kind of service. If there is no charge, where does the designer's income come from? If the income is not linked to the design, how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the designer, and how to ensure the quality of the design and the follow-up of the design? The market design fee is at least 20 yuan/square meter. It seems that the saved design fee will be added to the auxiliary materials, so as to improve the unit price of auxiliary materials. If additional items are involved, the owner will suffer

3. Decoration quotation: check whether the quotation is detailed, whether there are obvious omissions, and whether the brand and specification of the materials used are listed. Try to replace the auxiliary materials with other well-known brands, and compare the price increase to see the moisture of the quotation. At the same time, learn about the average price level in the market, especially the hydropower part, which is the main source of profit for the decoration company. 4. Accept formal Supervision: if the decoration company does not accept it, it shows that it has no confidence in its own construction level. The owner himself can also print some construction specifications to check his own construction situation against the construction specifications

5. Inspect the construction site: inspect the naked project to see whether the garbage is cleared and transported in time and whether the construction site is standard and tidy. If carpentry or painting has begun, pay attention to whether it is pungent and eye-catching after entering the house, so as to check whether the material is environmentally friendly. Owners are generally worried about after-sales problems, so they generally don't say that their lives are bad in front of workers. If you want to see the reputation of this decoration company, you can ask the attitude of the decorated owners. If most of them take the initiative to say they are satisfied, you can rest assured

◆ the advantage of half package is that the main materials with high value can be purchased by themselves, which can control the bulk of the cost. The owner of the auxiliary materials with complex types and low value is not easy to understand, so it is easier to purchase by the construction party

◆ the disadvantage of half package. According to the current market situation, the main materials generally do not involve environmental protection factors. What involves environmental protection is precisely the auxiliary materials, that is, the part that the decoration company buys for you, and it is also the place where the decoration company has a relatively high profit

the relevant information about what the decoration half bag means is introduced here. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can follow us and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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