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The porch, which is the area of the door entrance, is also the transition space between indoor and outdoor. It is also the place that guests see at the first sight when entering the door. As the first scenery of the room, it is often ignored by many people, but in fact, the porch is the key to the room design, which can best reflect the master's taste

the porch is one of the most important components of the housing core, which can be said to be the throat of the housing. It gives the entrant the feeling equivalent to the first impression between people. Let's take a look at some classic works of simple porch design and what we should pay attention to


1 With the calm color matching and mirror reflection, the initial context of the design is pointed out, and the fashion factor has spread since then

2. Starting from the entrance porch, the simple and clean end view is used to let guests lead in, and also lay out the smoothness of space and moving line

3. The paint baking table with small objects conveniently placed in and out of the door, and the designer creates a modern sense of suspension and preview space with iron pieces

4. Floor conversion, arc-shaped guidance, and the entrance of the porch has a clear performance of the moving line

5. The display cabinet design born of Feng Shui penetrates and interacts with the porch, living room and restaurant

6. The porch space divided by the suspended storage cabinet not only skillfully solves Feng Shui problems, but also takes into account the sense of design

7. According to the needs of entering the shrine, it is treated with modeling cabinet, and the movable drawing board design is intimate to the use details

8. The solid wood floor is applied to the end view of the porch wall to create a very personal style of texture presentation; While the movable shoe wearing chair can fully meet the functional needs without destroying the overall atmosphere

9. The geomantic scruples of the entrance hall are defused skillfully through the movable partition screen, but there is no violation and conflict

so what should we pay attention to in the design of the porch

1. The ceiling on the top of the porch should be high rather than low, and the color should be light rather than heavy.

if the ceiling on the top of the porch is too low, there will be a sense of oppression, which is a bad omen, symbolizing that the family is oppressed and it is difficult to get ahead. If the ceiling is high, the air circulation in the porch is more comfortable, which is also of great benefit to the air transportation of the house. If the color of the ceiling is darker than that of the floor, the design of top heavy and bottom light will not only lose its beauty, but also symbolize the disorder of young and old, and discord between the top and bottom. The color of the ceiling should be lighter than the floor, light at the top and heavy at the bottom, which is a reasonable pattern

2. The lamp should be square and round rather than triangle

some people like to install several downlights or spotlights on the top of the porch for lighting, but avoid arranging the lamps into triangles, and it is best to arrange them into squares or circles, symbolizing squareness, stability and reunion

3. The floor should be flat

the flat floor can make the house transportation smooth, and can also avoid falling. At the same time, the floor of the porch should be kept as horizontal as possible, and there should be no distinction between high and low

4. The patterns of the porch floor should not have sharp corners to rush the door

the patterns of the porch floor are various, so we should choose auspicious content, and we must avoid those patterns with many sharp corners, and never rush the door with sharp corners

5. The floor of the porch should not be too smooth

if the floor of the porch is very smooth, it is not ideal from the perspective of home safety, because family members or guests are easy to slip and get injured. The underground drainage pipe should not cross between the gate and the porch, so as to avoid being polluted in the porch during the internal and external communication of wealth and water, which will lead to poor health of the family and poor financial path

that's all for the simple porch design. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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