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North American Fengqing won the third place in the "national super salesperson competition" brand. On behalf of North American Fengqing, Shaoshuai from Handan, Hebei Province participated in the "ultimate PK" brand in Beijing on November 7.

North American Fengqing won the third place in the "national super salesperson competition". On behalf of North American Fengqing, Shaoshuai from Handan, Hebei Province participated in the unprecedented large-scale national "talent show" in the "ultimate PK" flooring industry in Beijing on November 7 - the national flooring "super salesperson" The competition was officially launched in early September this year. A total of 132 flooring brands and more than 1800 shopping guides or salespeople participated in this competition. North American Fengqing won the third place in the brand. Shaoshuai, a sales assistant in Handan, Hebei Province, will represent North American Fengqing in Beijing for the final interview to compete for personal ranking. The event was hosted by the flooring professional committee of China forest products industry association and the Wood Industry Research Institute of China Academy of Forestry Sciences. The purpose of the event is to strengthen the terminal clerk's understanding of flooring products, further improve the professional skills and service level of floor salespersons, provide more professional and high-quality services for consumers, and promote benign competition in the flooring market. There are terminal sales clerks from various flooring enterprises, major household stores and dealers in the flooring industry across the country, as well as people who work in other positions in the flooring industry but pay attention to sales. This competition is divided into two rounds. The first round is the Internet online competition from September 7 to October 11. The competition form is a combination of online knowledge competition and popular voting, which determines the total personal score of the contestants. The competition on the Internet is divided into five rounds, and the highest score of the contestants in the five rounds of competition is ranked as their personal final score, so as to determine the list of "super salesmen" who enter Beijing to participate in the ultimate PK. At the same time, the highest single round score of all participants in each round of the team is the team's single round score; The team's five rounds of results add up to the team's final result. The second round is the ultimate PK competition of offline super salesmen in Beijing. A total of 20 contestants from the top 10 individuals and the top 10 brand representatives selected by the jury are selected by on-site experts. Through on-site interview and scenario simulation, the professional quality and sales ability of the contestants are comprehensively evaluated, and the national "super salesmen" individual and team awards are finally evaluated. After receiving the notice from the Competition Organizing Committee on September 11, North America Maple brand management center launched an in-depth campaign among dealers and shopping guides across the country, with nearly 100 front-line shopping guides from Henan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fujian, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places participating in the event. The contestants of maple in North America learned and communicated together, creating a very good competition atmosphere. In the basic knowledge answer, each player has achieved full marks. In each round of the competition, North American Fengqing has players in the top ten, such as Lin Miaoxian of Guangzhou huahuashishi store, Huang Shiju of Zhengzhou special store in Henan Province, Shaoshuai of Handan in Hebei Province, etc. Among the 80 candidates who won the individual award, 13 came from maple in North America. (Xiao Xiao)





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